handmade gifts- wool felt baby doll diapers

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2 minute, no-sew, wool felt diaper tutorialI think I’m getting lazy. Usually at the beginning of December, I have a lofty list of holiday decorating to do, handmade gifts and Christmas outfits to make (and have already made a solid dent in that list).

This year, I am finished Christmas shopping for Burke (not a handmade gift in the bunch), have already purchased Christmas Eve outfits for the kids from the Gap, and am mostly decorating from my stash.

how to make felt baby doll diapers (no sew)I did gather a pile of wool felt and make a pile of baby doll diapers for Piper Jane.

It’s seriously the easiest project ever (the whole pile took me less than half an hour, and I was pausing to snap pictures), so not exactly disproving the Getting-Lazier Theory.

how to make felt baby doll diapers (no sew)However, I know many of you have little girls that love baby dolls like Pi does and thought I’d pass along the easiest ever, oh-so-cheap (but still handmade!) gift idea! Jord’s original no-sew, two-minute felt diaper tutorial is here.

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    1. Thanks Beatrice- I got the wool felt at Fancy Tiger (a local fabric shop). I have seen it online as well, Benzie Bazaar sells it I believe. 🙂

  1. Hi Kirsten
    Can you please tell me how you attached the magnetic strip on the ikea lego table??? Did you glue it or screw it in???

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