evie’s ‘bow-tique’ birthday party


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evie's bow themed birthday partyThe timing of our trip to visit Jordan and her family was perfect- we arrived the night before Evie’s third birthday and got to be there for her birthday party (lucky us!). Evie’s bow themed birthday party was inspired by her love of Minnie Mouse’s “Bow-tique.”


bow party menuAll of Evie’s favorite foods made their way on to the menu (bow-ified wherever possible)- bow shaped caprese pasta, cinnamon sugar popcorn, strawberry cake, rock candy…

bow party menu…and a whole lineup of other yummy sweets and treats…


the perfect little party bow-tiqueThis will probably come as a surprise, given the bow theme, but the decor for the party can be summed up in one word- BOWS.

kid's birthday party decor- a bow-themed bow-tiqueThere were rows of giant bows on the wall…

bow party menu…tiny bows on the cups and wooden cutlery…

bow birthday party decor…more bows on the popcorn boxes..

boutique birthday party- bow party menu…even more bows on the rock candy…

bow party gum balls…gumballs arranged as a bow…

bow birthday party rice krispy treatsrice krispy treat ‘bows’...

bow party cake topper…a bow cake topper…

bow party hats…bows on the party hats!

The only other major decor element was the wall of rainbow striped crepe paper. And really, I shouldn’t undersell the giant hit that the rainbow of paper was! We tied the paper back into ‘curtains’ when the Bowtique opened for business, which didn’t seem to detract from it’s allure one bit. We even left it up for a couple of days after the party since we didn’t want to stamp out the sheer delight that it created in our kids (not right away at least- haha!).


bow party dressesI don’t usually include a whole section for party outfits, but these cousins in their matching bow dresses pretty much did me in.

bow party dressWe found the dresses at a local shop in Jordan’s town. However, they were only available in sizes 8-14, so I did some small alterations to turn them into maxi dresses for our girlies.

bow dresses for evie's boutique partyAren’t they beyond cute? I die.


the perfect bow party bow-tiqueWe always underestimate how much time a little shop will occupy during a party (see Evie’s farmer’s market party last year… or the Sweet Shoppe at Piper’s Madeline party). That said, shopping at the Bow-tique ended up being the far-and-away favorite use of time at this little party (well, that and sneaking treats from the treat table after all parents had issued ‘no more sweets’ cut-offs). Even the boys. who initially thought the Bow-tique much too girly for their patronage, ended up shopping the night away. More details on the bow-tique are coming later this week…

bow party activity stationThere was also a “Decorate your own bow” station. Jordan manned the hot glue gun and followed directions to create bow masterpieces under each guest’s supervision and direction.


bow birthday party favorsThe bow-tique was used as a play station all party long (we just kept restocking), but at the end of the party, each guest went on a bow (or bow tie) shopping spree and filled a favor bag with bow-tiquey goodies.

bow birthday party favors

There were also “Evie’s Bow-tique” favor cards that were filled with matching bows and ready to tuck in favor bags at the end of the shopping sprees.

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  1. How sweet! And how did she like it? I love seeing all of the kids together and can’t imagine how much fun it was for them to party as a bunch. 🙂

  2. Love it! I absolutely love the last photo with the bow favors. Would you be willing to share the dimensions of the card you put them on? I am going to make bows for the little girls in my life to put on their Easter baskets and am stumped on the packaging.

    P.S. How is little Evie 3?! Clearly I’ve been following your blog forever, but wasn’t she just born???

    1. Dayna, I think we printed 4 per page, so probably about 4″ x 5.5″. Hope that helps!
      And how can Evie be 3, right???? That’s how I feel too. 🙂

  3. SOOO adorable. I love everything-but especially the bow backdrop-did you use napkins or tissue paper? trying to figure it out-fabulous!

    1. The bows are actually made out of felt, Jess! Then cinched in the middle (I think we used gold leather as the centers, but don’t exactly remember- it might’ve been gold tape?). Hope that helps!

  4. Hello… I’m planning my daughter’s first birthday party, Abud absolutely fell in love with the bow backdrop! Would you be able to give me some info on that. Where did you get the bows or did you make them yourself and etc.?! Thank you!!

    1. Hey Katt- love the bow party! We made the bows out of rectangles of felt (you know how you can buy them precut?). We just cinched in the center and secured (and then repeated the process a bunch of times- haha!). Hope that helps!

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