denver house tour


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denver house tourAs the grand finale to the least conventional of all home tours (the one that happened mostly after we sold our house- haha!), I thought I’d share all of the house before-and-afters.

denver house tourKitchen

denver house tour- living roomLiving Room

denver house tour- stair nook before and afterStair Nook

denver house tour- kid's roomKids Room

denver house tour bathroomDownstairs bathroom

denver house tour bathroomUpstairs bathroom

denver house tourOffice/Craft Room

denver house tour- mud roomMud room

There sure was a ton of orange wood, wasn’t there? And lots of pinkish taupe paint. Whew!

denver_house_tourdenver house tourOne funny thing- looking at these pictures evokes two (really different) emotions for me- cringing on the inside as I remember the long days, no sleep and crazy amounts of work. And simultaneously an itch to look for another house to start all over again.

denver house tourI know, I need help.

denver final house tourdenver house tourThanks for wandering through this not-so-normal house tour with me, friends. It’s definitely been fun to put these posts together- it’s like a slideshow of all of our work on fast forward.

saipan house viewAlso, I have ‘take pictures of the Saipan house’ on my to do list- hopefully I can share those sometime soon(right now everything just feels so big and so very empty, but I guess I should document that part too)! For now- here’s a picture of the view from the back porch…

ps- To see the full room posts, here they are- the kitchen, the main bathroom, the mini bathroom makeover, the kid’s room (and their reading nook), my office, the under the stairs nook, and the fireplace/living room.

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    1. Thanks Jess! Heart and soul is right… in the aftermath it feels all the way worth it (not sure I would’ve said that along the way though- do you feel the same way in the middle of projects?). Need to go stop by your blog and find out what’s going on with y’all!!!

  1. I love the crisp and clean looking. Hope you have many years there enjoying your handy work .


  2. I am new to the site. Please oh please tell me about your craft table. Who, what, when, where, why. This is exactly what is in my mind.

    1. Hey Christine- the table is from IKEA. It’s actually two desks put together with drawers on one end. I loved that table!
      Hope that helps!

  3. Hi there!! I absolutely love the details you took the time to add to your home! Every room is amazing. I am curious about the brick walls- were they just exposed from taking down the sheet rock? Or did you add them as part of the renovations. If so, are they veneers?

    Thanks so much!!


    1. Rebecca- what a sweet comment- thank you!
      Yep, we took the sheet rock off of the walls to expose the brick (the exterior walls were actually three layers of brick thick!). It was a tedious, messy job, but we loved the end result. Hope that helps!

  4. Love this look and the layout is just like my house! Can you tell me where you purchased the tile for your backsplash and the name of it? Thank you

    1. I love this Lori (and love that your house is similar to our Denver house!). I’m so sorry, but I don’t remember the name of the tile. I know it was in the ‘subway tile’ section and that got it at The Tile Shop. Hope that helps!

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