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Lego birthday party- this party is full of simple DIY ideas for a Lego party!We left Denver a mere two weeks after Burke’s sixth birthday… which means, of course, that his birthday party was quite the affair (gotta go out with a bang, right?).

Lego birthday party- full of DIY ideas!That kid lo-oves Legos. Like, I am pretty sure this is not the last Lego birthday party I will plan for him, that’s how much he loves them (and my kids really enjoy coming up with a new party theme each year!). The downside of this was that Burke’s ideas were so grand that many of them didn’t happen (“Mom, can we build a Cloud Cuckoo Land in the back yard with a rainbow floor and giant Lego dog?”).

Lego birthday party- full of DIY ideas for a Lego party!Lego birthday party cake standThe upside was that he helped me with all sorts of party projects! Burke made the Lego cake topper, the Lego cake stand, the Lego straw holder, and he helped with the Lego chocolates and Lego filled balloons.

Lego birthday party decor

Lego birthday party- layered Legos in a gum ball machine as decorHe also sorted piles and piles of Legos for the Lego garlands, the Lego jars and the gum ball machine. It was so fun to work on this party with him!


Lego birthday party menu ideasLego birthday party menuBurke is a carb guy (one whose Mom only buys Poptarts for extra-special occasions), so this list is made up mostly of his requests plus some protein heavy items I added in so that there were occasional carb breaks. Croissants, lego shaped almond-butter-and-honey sandwiches, mini blueberry muffins, tart cherry scones, pop tarts, and a sweet potato and bacon egg casserole made up our Lego Party brunch menu.


Lego birthday party- Lego cake topper made out of real LegosLego birthday party treat tableLego birthday party treat table
Lego birthday party treat tableLego birthday party treat tableChocolate cake decorated with Lego shaped candies, mini cupcakes with Lego mini figure candies, “Lego” cookies, more Lego brick and Lego mini figure candies in blue and green (the party colors), “Lego” head cotton candy push pops, blue and green jelly beans, green party popcorn.


Lego birthday party- Cloud Soda Land (an easy way to incorporate the Lego Movie into a Lego party)Lego birthday party- full of DIY ideasLego birthday party- full of tons of DIY ideasCloud Soda Land– I am always amazed by the sheer delight my kids find in playing ‘store’ of any kind and this was no exception. The kids loved manning the Cloud Soda Land Shop (plus, it’s about as close as I could come to Burke’s grand backyard Cloud Cuckoo Land vision- haha!).

lego party master builder photo boothMaster Builder Photo Booth– This was at the top of Burke’s list of requests- a place where people could dress up as Lego Movie characters. These printable masks made putting this together simple easy.

Lego birthday party activitiesAwesome Activities– Bouncy balls, side walk chalk and bubbles are all the perfect compliment to a party! Add in some awesome labels and the activities become perfectly Lego-y!

It has been so fun to finally put these posts together- there is more Lego-y Party goodness to come later this week…

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  1. Kirstin, YOU are awesome! Jonah turns 6 in December and he LOVES Legos. I think I may just copy everything I see here for his party this year. Love it all and can’t wait to see the rest!

    1. Nicole- I really think that Lego parties are SO easy to put together. I am working on posts for easy DIY decor and easy DIY food- they should be up this week! Remind me when it gets closer and I’ll send you the printables. 😉

  2. Love this one! I have two 6 year old nephews and they are obsessed with Legos. One had a Lego party last year and there is talk of doing one again this year. HA! I’ll make sure to send this post to my sister.

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