DIY anthropologie inspired leather belt


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DIY anthropologie inspired leather belt (so easy to make AND would make a great gift!)Ever since we arrived on Saipan, I’ve been plotting to have family pictures taken on the beach. However, when I finally put together that our fall travels would require our pictures to be taken at the end of October, I had approximately one week left to piece together our outfits.

DIY anthropologie inspired leather beltYou know where this is headed, right? One week is not enough advance to order anything from the States. And the shopping options in Saipan are… well, limited doesn’t quite describe it. As I was ‘shopping our closets,’ I found outfits for all four of us (a Christmas miracle). However, the dress I was hoping to wear needed a neutral-possibly-metallic belt. And I didn’t have anything that would work.

DIY anthropologie inspired leather belt (so easy to make AND would make a great gift!)I did, however, have some of the gold leather leftover from Jord’s travel satchel and promptly set to work fashioning a belt based on this Sunshine Poured Out leather belt at Anthropologie.
DIY anthropologie inspired leather belt (so easy to make AND would make a great gift!)I lo-ove the finished result! It’s simple to make, but works perfectly. I think it’d make a great Christmas gift for any accessory divas on your Christmas list as well.

how to make an anthropologie inspired leather beltTo make, cut out a rectangle of leather that is 2” tall and a little narrower than the front of your dress (mine ended up being 14”). Round the edges and punch a pattern of holes in the center. Also cut two long strips of leather for your ties (mine were each 35” long, but you could get away with shorter, depending on how long your want your ‘tails’ to be).

DIY anthropologie inspired leather beltAnd there you have it- the perfect last minute addition to family pictures!

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  1. Such a great belt. I’ve been wanting to make a similar one. I love how the photos turned out! The color pallet works perfectly with the location!

    1. Thanks Stacey! The belt was seriously so easy to put together. 😉
      And since the shopping here is, well, non-existent, it’s a good thing we have lots of blue/natural colors in our wardrobes- haha! 🙂

    1. Anneliese, you made my day! Thanks friend! And I have to say, our photographer made us look cuter than we really are (love it!)- haha!

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