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metallic gift card holder

After last year’s printable gift card holders (and felt gift card holders), y’all already know that I am a huge fan of giving gift cards (controversial, I know). And I stand by that sentiment- I love giving gift cards as Christmas gifts. Also, since we live halfway across the world from most of our family and friends, I am loving gift cards this year.

metallic gift card holdersThis year, I dug into my vinyl stash to make some oh-so-fabulous (and, better, oh-so-easy) gift card holders and thought I’d share the idea with y’all.

metallic gift card holdersJust cut a rectangle of vinyl slightly wider than your gift card and more than twice as tall. Fold up the bottom edge with enough space to cover the gift card (right sides of the vinyl facing each other). Pin or clip in place and sew up both vertical sides. Clip the remaining flap into a triangle (like an envelope). Add Velcro as a closure. If you want, use contrasting vinyl and hot glue to add a decorative motif on the back of the vinyl holder.

metallic gift card holdersFill with an oh-so-fabulous gift card and deliver!


What is your go-to gift that you love to give and receive?

Sharing Christmas 2014Also, I just wanted to let you know that next Monday, December 15th, we’re doing this thing called Sharing Christmas with quite the lineup of fabulous hosts-

mary evelyn : what do you do dear  |  kacia : coconutrobot | shannon : the scribble pad
rachael : kincaid parade  | kristi : and babies don’t keep  |  heather boersma

As each of us share what Christmas looks like in our homes this year (and I can’t wait to share our crazy tropical set up), we’d also love if you’d share about the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and the overall feel of Christmas in your home (or in your life) this year (via linkup). So start taking pictures and putting together a post so that we call all Share Christmas next week!

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