the yummiest churro bar


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churro bar and party station- a lineup of churros, dipping sauces and toppings

So once upon a time, back a few months ago, we had a Churro Bar as part of Piper’s Sparkle Party. But then I never shared it on here. Churros and a whole buffet of dipping sauces need to be shared, y’all, even a few months late. And this is perfect for those of you whose New Year’s Resolution is “eat more churros.” There are probably lots of those happening, right?

the yummiest churro station (the perfect addition to any party or shower!)Anyway, back to the Churro Bar. Since Piper Jane is a churro afficianado, and since our local superstore here in Saipan carries frozen churros (well, at least in theory), we settled on a Churro Bar for Piper’s birthday party food station pretty easily.
homemade churros for a churro barYou see how I said ‘in theory’ up there, though? When you live on an island that is reliant on boats and airplanes for things like frozen churros, you should go into all parties with a Plan B for all food stations. Lesson learned.

DIY folded churro boxesOur Plan B this time? Make all eighty churros (and some churro bites) from scratch on the back porch the night before the party with a borrowed fryer.

churro bar and party stationYep, it is super fancy around here folks.

the perfect addition to your next party- a churro station, complete with dipping sauces and toppingsAnd despite the churro availability mishap, the Churro Bar turned out great (perhaps even better with the addition of homemade churros? Though, to be honest, I didn’t try them- I was a bit ‘churro-d out’ by party time). It’d make such a great addition to Valentine’s party, too!

churro station dipping sauceA few dipping sauce ideas? Homemade chocolat (white chocolate with orange, dark chocolate and milk chocolate with peanut butter), homemade dulce de leche, honey, and strawberry sauce.

the yummiest churro barWe also had various toppings- cinnamon sugar, peanut sugar, crushed nuts, wafers, walnuts, Oreos, and toasted coconut.

churro bar party stationYum! Like I said, perfect party fare!

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  1. WOW! I can’t believe you made all of those churros from scratch the night before the party! Even though I live where I could get legit churros, I have to confess – I haven’t bought a single one. But now I’m totally craving them! 🙂

    1. Nicole, it was such a funny night. We were churro-delirious by the end- haha. 🙂 And you do live in a great place for churros- YUM!

  2. Oh very nice!
    I am considering doing the same for a bridal shower.. So you didn’t coat them in anything before hand?

    1. Hey Nissa- we coated about half of them (served in the footed bowls on each side of the table) and left about half of them bare for people to choose. 😉 What a fun idea for a bridal shower!!!

  3. Love this idea! I’m tryng to recreate something similar and was wondering about the containers and stickers and banner you used. Did you create that yourself?

    1. Hey Tabitha- yes, I designed the Churro labels. I can list them in our etsy shop if you can’t find anything else.
      And I love it that you’re doing a churro bar- so fun!

  4. Hi! I love this idea! So you made these the night before? Did you reheat them in the oven? How did the toppings stick? (Did you have to use sauces to make them stick?)

    1. We did reheat in the oven for the party (it worked great). And yes, people mostly dipped the churro in sauce and then covered in toppings. But also, guests just poured the toppings on top of the churros and that sort of worked as well. 😉 Hope that helps!

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