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easiest DIY Christmas wreathI know that most of you are way more on top of things than I am, and that you’re probably already all Christmas-prepped. But between what must’ve been a serious Christmas-goods-Goodwill-run before we moved to Saipan and the craziness of moving this fall, our Christmas decoration game this year is extra weak (and by weak, I mean every holiday item we own fit in two Sterilite containers… what was I thinking as I packed/purged?).

easiest DIY Christmas wreathActually, even after using all our leftover evergreen sprigs for wreaths and garlands, it is still a little sparse around here. But I’m extra in love with the pine tree smell and these wreaths are so easy to put together that any other Christmas-slackers (or moving purgers) can put one together in less than an hour. So I thought I’d pass along the how to.

how to make an evergreen wreathTo make the easiest evergreen wreath, gather:

-leftover evergreen springs (curved ones are especially helpful)

-wire or floral wire and wirecutters

-a wire wreath form (this one was from Hobby Lobby)

how to make an evergreen wreathSet aside several curved sprigs (fuller is better here). Using snips of wire like twisty-ties, adhere to the wreath form, overlapping until you have a good base.

easiest DIY Christmas wreathThen add smaller sprigs to fill in until all the wire is covered.

easiest DIY Christmas wreathHang and admire! Bonus if you find red ribbon in your stash and can add that to the mix. 😉

Any other super simple holiday decor ideas you want to pass along?


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  1. I wish I could post a photo…I wrapped red snowflake fabric around cardboard (Pinterest told me to use foam core but I had a box) & glued it in place. I have 3 on my mantle. Also, I took 6 different Christmas-y fabrics & cut them into strips with pinking shears. Then I tied them on ribbon for an easy garland. I full old apothecary jars with ornaments & gift bows. Super cute & super easy.

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