lined fabric organizer bags

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lined fabric bagsPart of every January for me is getting-things-in-order- I love having a ‘reset button’ of the New Year to sort and organize and re-order. And last time I hauled around a diaper bag, I loved having several lined bags to keep things in their spots within said diaper bag.

lined fabric bags{Side note- I kind of forgot exactly how many baby things there are to keep in their spots. Diapers and wipes and rash cream and a changing pad and extra clothes and burp cloths and muslin blankets and pacis. Y’all so many things.}

lined fabric bagsAnyway, since I am organizing all-the-things, and fully back in diaper bag world, I thought I’d make another batch of purse organizers (aka diaper bag organizers).

lined fabric bagsAnd I love batch sewing, so after a bunch of rectangle cutting and then a bunch of sewing (doing each step times three), a whole new pile of organizers was ready! Right now I’m using one for snacks, one for extra clothes for Bohden Bear and one for diapers, wipes and diaper rash cream.

lined fabric bagsLoving these all over again!

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