a mountain-y bear party

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mountain-y black and white bear partySince we call Bohden “bear,” and since his little nursery has a (loose) mountain theme, we didn’t look far for a First Birthday (slash Happy Adoption Day) party theme- mountains and woodland creatures and bears (oh my!).

mountain-y bear party- biscuit barBohden pretty much loves food (all food), but has a special place for ChickFilA chicken biscuits, so we made a “Biscuit Bar” with all sorts of yummy fixins’ the launching point for our brunch menu.

mountain-y bear party- biscuit barSidenote- it’s kind of funny that Adam, Burke and Bohden are ALL smitten with biscuits, right??? Remember Burke’s Biscuit Bar from once upon a time? I have a feeling that these two Biscuit Bars are not the only ones I will put together.

mountain-y bear party- dessert tableBesides the Biscuit Bar, my dad was in town and declared himself our sourdough waffle chef for the party (he’s the best!). We also had a little treat table with black and white treats- a vanilla-plus-chocolate cake, mini vanilla cakes, oreos, and black licorice.

mountain-y bear party- iced coffee barTo round out all of the eating (and to pair perfectly with a should-be-fall-but-feels-like-summer brunch), we had an Iced Coffee Bar.

mountain-y bear party- iced coffee barI should come clean here- I drink iced coffee year round. So this little beverage station would be a completely feasible option for me in February. That said- I pretty much loved making all different kinds of iced lattes for our party guests.

mountain-y bear party (berry basil citrus lemonade and fruit and herb infused water)We also served berry lemonade and fruit and herb infused water.

mountain-y bear party decorAnother confession (I’m feeling extra transparent today, apparently)- I love choosing themes that coordinate with my kids’ rooms because I can just drag all of their room decor downstairs and call it a day. Case in point- the bear nightlight on the mantle, the wooden mountains that I made for Bohden’s nursery, the greenery covered “B” hanging above the fireplace- all of the above are transplants from his mountain-y nursery (I should take pics of his room to share with y’all! Soon!).

mountain-y bear party- black and white party hatsI did make a couple garlands, a pile of black and white party hats, a birthday crown and printed a ton of black and white photos to hang everywhere (compiling those made me cry and cry- how can a whole year pass in a blink?).

mountain-y black and white bear partyThe kids always sing “Beautiful Boy” to Bohden, so Burke added the lyrics to our felt board for the party. Melt my mama heart.

mountain-y bear themed kid's birthday party (in black, white, green and wood tones)I also spray painted some woodland creatures for the dessert table…

mountain-y bear party- iced coffee bar…and I made a pile of black and white poster board mountains (cheapest decor ever since I grabbed the poster boards from DollarTree) and put those in front of allofthethings.

mountain-y bear party- trail mix bar favorsmountain-y bear party- trail mix bar favorsFor favors, we had this little Trail Mix Bar set up. I painted little kraft bags with black and white patterns and shapes for favor bags and printed out bear sticker seals.

mountain-y bear party- trail mix bar favorsFunny story- at the end of the party pretty much every sugar-y trail mix ingredient was gone, but all of the staples remained. So I’m pretty sure that I sent home a bunch of favor bags filled with marshmallows and chocolate covered pretzels and gummy bears.

mountain-y black and white bear partySugar comas aside, y’all, it was for real so much fun to celebrate our best bear. LOVE this one. SO MUCH.

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