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27 crafty things we want to do in 2009:

1. Use our letterpress equipment
2. Use our screenprinting equipment

3. Learn how to sew… better…
4. Make an invite (or two) with fabric accents
5. Actually finish stockings before next Christmas

6. Take a class at The Fancy Tiger downtown Denver
7. Read some books about sewing (Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol, Seams to Me by Anna Maria Horner… other recommendations?) 8. Utilize thrift stores and garage sales to find wool sweaters to felt
9. Make baby shower presents (use the Little Stitches for Little Ones book by Amy Butler)
10. Pom pom it up
11. Use the sewing machine on a paper project
12. Start working on Christmas crafts in October
13. Read some get crafty books (start with The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule)
14. Finish the babies’ nurseries
15. Knit a chunky, cozy blanket
16. Create new packaging for our kojo cards

17. Learn more about embroidery
18. Attend a ‘modern’ craft fair (any recommendations for great ones in the Denver area?)
19. Make a boxed invite
20. Learn more about graphic design (Jordi is starting a design degree program this spring!)
21. Print some fabric by hand (a la Lena Corwin)
22. Make a wreath
23. Craft something great dane-ish for our dog loving sister Kedron
24. Follow some of the amazing tutorials we’ve seen online (appliqued onesies, photo journals and felt barrettes to start)25. Use American Craft’s Metropolitan line for a project
26. Use ReadyMade magazine (we both got subscriptions for Christmas) as inspiration for fashioning stuff we have laying around into fabulous works of art and function
27. Make some baby stuff for our own little ones (bibs, more booties, etc.)

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  1. Bend the rules sewing! It’s fun and simple, and available at our local library. I just returned it yesterday in fact 🙂 I like it better than Amy Butlers In Stitches book. I look forward to seeing the results of some of your 2009 goals!

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