screen printing: a dream come true

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For my birthday (last summer!) my family chipped in to get everything I needed to start screen printing by hand at home. I was so excited! I opened the box, took one look at all the pieces and was so intimidated that I re-closed the box and decided to try it later. Fast forward to this Christmas when I got the book Printing by Hand book by Lena Corwin. Let me say, if making hand made prints appeals to you at all, get this book! (You might remember it from a Friday Fun Find a couple weeks ago.) It made the whole process seem way less intimidating and made us feel confident that we could print by hand.

Getting Started: We started simple. A single color of ink, pure cotton dish towels and onsies.

Printing: We used a photo emulsion screen (ordered online) and dark brown paint. We experimented with different placement techniques, but ended up loving the sporadic placement look.

Finished product: Beautiful boutique-y dish towels and adorable onesies! Not near as hard or as complicated as I thought! And the best news? It is a fairly simple set-up, print, and tear down process making this one-nap craft (for all you moms out there who function on nap-schedule-free-time only).

There are so many techniques to try out and the crafting possibilities are endless. We have already ordered another custom screen to make t-shirts and will be trying out some homemade screens soon too!

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