with a twist of lime

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Y’all know my penchant for monograms… In my world, typography + oldworld styling = pure bliss. Perhaps the only thing I love more than traditional monograms are monograms with a mod twist. And that, my friends, is exactly how I would describe the invites we’ve been working on around here. Classic meets modern, sweet meets tart, refined with a dash of sass… simply lovely!

The wedding palette is lime, mango, raspberry and plum (it even sounds delicious, doesn’t it?)… the venue is Vail, Colorado… the repeating themes are polka dots and monograms… Don’t you wish you were invited?

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  1. Hi Girls,
    Hope you don’t mind a few questions…. Is the envelope for this invite a #10? If not what size is it (the invite and the envelope)? Who is your envelope source?
    Also, what glue or tape do you use to attach your papers and also to line your envelopes. I’m looking for other sources to see if they work better.
    Love the colors and the crispness of this invite – beautiful!
    Love You, Kedran

  2. You guys are so sweet!! They couldn’t have turned out better! Thanks again for creating the perfect invitation for us!

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