10 minute drawstring wine bag tutorial

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Using just a cloth napkin, some ribbon and the most basic of sewing skills, you can repurpose a cloth napkin into a gorgeous and reusable wine bag!

You’ll need:
-1 cloth napkin (mine is from the ‘Dwell for Target’ line… I think I got it for around a dollar when last season’s table stuff went on sale)- $1.00
-1.5 yards matching ribbon (I paid $1.00 for the whole role of 100 yards after Christmas)- $0.02
-sewing machine with thread

1. Lay your cloth napkin flat.

2. Create a ribbon casing. Leave enough room for your ribbon (my ribbon is 1 1/2 ” so I allowed for that plus another inch or so), pin and stitch a straight line across the top of your cloth napkin.

3. Thread your ribbon through said ribbon casing.

4. Fold your cloth napkin in half (inside out), pin and stitch around two sides of the perimeter. Stop stitching when you get to the ribbon casing tunnel. One side of your cloth napkin will have a folded edge, the bottom will be sewn together, the other side will be sewn together and the top will be open. You should now have a little pillowcase-looking pouch with the drawstring ribbon casing open at the top.

5. Put a bottle of wine or sparkling cider inside your lovely drawstring fabric bag and look at your clock. What a terrific use of 10 minutes, eh?

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  1. Absolutely LOVE this idea! On my way to get a napkin and try it out. Love it! Will place a link on my own website to share!

  2. Cute. I am going to put the drawstring casing about one third of the way down from the top for a look I prefer. I will put the ribbon out and wrap around the neck of the bottle, and make a bow.
    Thanks for the tutorial.

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