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wine bag from a cloth napkin… I’ll put the tutorial on here soon!

So my life has been abuzz (yep, abuzz) with repurposing lately… I’ve been using cloth napkins to make drawstring bags and wine bags (more on that soon), using vintage pillowcases to make dresses (actually, I’ll show you this soon, too), using old windows and ballisters from an architectural salvage store as house decor… It seems like everywhere I look, I see the potential to recreate something with a new identity and purpose.

image by grace violet

image by trey and lucy

And then I found the blog dollar store crafts… Y’all, they are serious about repurposing. Tea towels become aprons (tutorial by my spare time), or shorts for little boys(by dollar store crafts), or teeny skirts (tutorial by grace violet)… bandanas become dresses (courtesy of trey and lucy)… It is goodness, pure repurposing goodness.

I say all of this without a finished product to show you… but I promise, soon and very soon you will see the fruits of this fabulous find. 🙂

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  1. Let me know when you have the tutorial up! I’d love to post about it on dollar store crafts!


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