bodacious buttons

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When I stumble upon a bag of buttons at an estate sale or a thrift store, it calls to me and more times than not (ok, always), I am certain in my heart that I must buy said buttons and give them new life. However, then I end up with jars and jars of buttons waiting to made into something gorgeous. If you have tons of buttons like me, here are some things to do with them:

Colorful button necklack by suzanne’s crazy for collars

Button covered pillow by craftstylish.

Ideas for those blah buttons at the bottom of your button jar? Yes please! You’ll love these ideas by craftstylish!

A covered button kit plus a little embroidery equals glory (tutorial by craftstylish).

How to make singleton buttons (yep, craftstylish again)

Craftstylish tutorial for making a covered button ring and bracelet

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