friday fun finds: cupcake holder goodness

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I have to confess- I have been baking the magnolia bakery cupcake recipe like a fiend. They seem like the perfect addition to every party, potluck, birthday, girl’s night, and fill in the blank I attend. And I must also confess, the last time I took a batch of these yummies to someone’s house, they were wrapped in robot (yep, robot!?!) baking cups.

Enter bake it pretty and all sorts of gorgeous baking cups… Lovely, simply lovely! Now the question is: will my dearly beloved cupcakes taste better wrapped in these???

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  1. I am not a big cupcake fan in general, but I regularly dream about the amazing goodness that is Magnolia Bakery. Any chance you’d be willing to share this a-mazing recipe? I’m thinking they’d be the perfect Father’s Day treat for my cupcake-loving husband!

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