kojo tutorial: pillowcase apron with embroidered pocket

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As promised- how to make a darling embroidered pillowcase apron.

You’ll need:
-half of a pillowcase
-3 yards of ribbon
-scrap fabric for a pocket
-needle and embroidery thread

1. Grab a pillowcase from your stash. Mine had a ruffle, which is great fun for an apron bottom, but it’s fine if yours doesn’t.
2. Cut your pillowcase in half vertically. You should now have two potential ‘aprons’ that are about the size of a tea towel.

3. Finish off each side of your pillowcase apron. I did this by double folding (and ironing) the edge for a 1/4″ seam and straight stitching the whole thing.

4. Turn your top edge into a ribbon casing. My ribbon was pretty wide, so my casing was about 1 1/2″.

5. Thread your ribbon (soon to be your apron strings) through the casing.

6. Prepare you embroidered pocket. I used a cloth napkin, embroidered the word, “Lita” on the front and then ironed the edges to create a nice rectangular pocket.

7. Sew your pocket onto your apron by stitching around three edges of the pocket, leaving the top open.
8. Tie this little gem on and bake a pie. Or fire up the grill. Or just look cute and very domestic.

Happy apron-ing!

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  1. Where did you get that pillow case?!? I had that exact set when I was little, and it's not nearly as bright as yours is!

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