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Perhaps it’s a combination of my loves for organization and terrific packaging, but I am seriously enamored by home studios that balance function, organization and fabulous design. Seriously, y’all, I drool (DROOL!) over a simultaneously-efficient-and-gorgeous work space. Let me show you…

Heather Bailey’s oh-so-beautiful studio! Seriously- gorgeous, eh?

The studio of Sharilyn Wright (of Lovely Design)

Martha Stewart’s craft room (this is the stuff of dreams, y’all)

Wookiemouse’s craft room (from HGTV’s ratemyspace)

Imagine working in this uber organized workspace (by Megan of Crafty Intentions)

Andrea’s sewing room (of tofu studio and superziper)

Love this organized craft stash by Amber from My Aim is True

Isn’t this sewing room by needle book fabulous?

So what can we take away from this little lesson in coveting other people’s studios/sewing rooms/craft rooms?

Lesson #1- Having your materials and supplies visible and accessible is key to the function aspect of studio design.
Lesson #2- Such accessibility and visibility requires some serious shelving and containers…
Lesson #3- It doesn’t hurt to throw in vintage tins, antique furniture, a whole wall of gorgeous cabinets, etc.
Lesson #4- Color, color, color… using color well in a space makes everything better.
Lesson #5- At the same time, bright white screams, “organized!”
Lesson #6- You could spend $50,000 designing your craft room.

Here’s the thing… I’d love to make my work space both functional and easy on the eyes, but I don’t have much of a budget. Keeping this in mind, I’m off to figure out some sort of work-with-what-I-have-but-still-make-it-lovely plan… I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. These are making my studio seem PITIFUL! I just want to have enough stuff off the floor that I can actually walk inside…

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