kojo tutorial: tablecloth from a bedskirt

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We are lucky enough to live in the land of beautiful Colorado summers… cool evenings, not many bugs, perfect for being outside in June, July and August. Pair this with the fact that we have the most fabulous entertaining backyard ever and I am always looking for an excuse to throw a party. Funny thing- excuses like these are easy to come by.

Here’s the thing… every weekend (and sometimes more often than that- haha!) we haul our plastic-y, hot-glue-and-other-craft-project-dotted-folding-table up the stairs to hold the summer-y spreads for our backyard parties. The dilemma? How to cover that plastic-y goodness.

Last Wednesday, my mama, Burke and I walked over to my favorite Goodwill aiming to solve this dilemma. I wasn’t exactly certain what I was looking for… an old sheet? Maybe even an actual tablecloth that didn’t need repurposing? But the ivory, linen-y bedskirt with fabulous vintage-y trim was just the ticket. It was way too wide, but all it needed was a little nip-tuck to be transformed into my go-to backyard party table cover.

For this project you’ll need:-a bedskirt (since I got it at Goodwill, I don’t know if it’s a king or a queen sized bedskirt… I think either would probably work)
-a sewing machine
-an iron
1. Put the bedskirt on your table. In the middle of the table, begin gathering up the sides until your material is your desired length. Mark or pin to signify how much excess material there is.

2. Turn your bedskirt over, gather the excess material, and pin. Iron down the middle of your bedskirt and again at the place where you marked your excess. Sew in a straight stitch, creating a new center line for your table cloth.3. Put your new table cloth back on your table to make sure it is the right length. Trim the extra fabric to eliminate bulk.4. Invite people over for a backyard party and enjoy your new table covering!

Happy summer soiree-ing!

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  1. Wow, that makes such a pretty, elegant table cloth. What a great idea! I'll be linking.

  2. NICE! I need a good will! I love the lace finish on that cloth! Thanks for sharing!Come check out my TRANSOFORMATION end table at DIY DAY!

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