kojodesigns tutorial: floral-y goodness in a card

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I love making handmade cards for special occasions… ok, actually, for any occasion that requires a card. One of my favorite methods of card making is to print a card with a message and some flower stems and add the ‘flower buds’ using random and assorted bits of goodness from my craft room. It’s supersimple and looks fabulous… Here, I’ll show you.

You’ll need:
-printed cardstock (scrapbook paper-ish)
-yarn (have I told you that I always find bags of terrific, chunky, texture-y yarn in bags at Goodwill? usually a whole bag is only a buck or two!)
-hot glue gun and glue

1. Print out a card with your message and a couple flower stems (I just use a line for the stem and a circle for the leaves on the sides).

2.Using your hot glue gun, dab a dot of glue in the ‘center’ of your soon-to-be flower. Place one end of your piece of yarn in that glue.

3. Wind the yarn in a circular pattern around itself, gluing occasionally. When your ‘flower’ looks right, add one last touch of glue on the end to finish things off.

4. Dazzle your card recipient with your floral-y texture-y handmade card!

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  1. this is absolutely adorable!

    thanks for the link too – you have some great ideas here to feature on my blog 🙂

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