savvy auntie day

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There is a lot of love for July 26th around here… it’s Jordi’s birthday, Kirstin and Adam’s anniversary and usually falls in the middle of family week when we’re all together.

And then we saw that the 4th Sunday of July is also Savvy Auntie Day! What!?!? That’s terrific. Having two sisters, two sister-in-laws each and all sorts of ‘adopted aunties,’ fabulous women that pour into the lives of our kids, this is a holiday we can definitely get behind.

Since the symbol of this new-to-us holiday is a flower, there are all sorts of easy ways to show some appreciation to those lovely aunties in your life. Use this as an excuse to try out one of the fabulous flower cards by pingg. Or make one of the floral-y texture-y cards that we showed you a few weeks ago. Or grab a bouquet of flowers (perhaps from your garden?) and surprise someone special.

Mark your calendars, folks… July 26th (tomorrow!) is the day to celebrate a savvy auntie near you!

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