tremendous table numbers

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Y’all will love this table number idea from a bride we’re working with right now… Kristin and Brian are using frames with three openings for their table numbers. In the top and bottom openings of the frame, they’re putting pictures of themselves at different ages, while the middle opening notes the table number and age (which match, incidentally). Terrific, huh?

Here are some other tremendous table number ideas…

These wine-bottle-table-numbers (by martha) are double the fun, mixing function with fabulous.

I love this idea by emilystyle to use mexican tiles as table numbers.

Rocks stamped with numbers make unique table numbers (idea by martha stewart).

Check out these DIY table number frames by bridal cheek… aren’t they great?

Or you could take photos of numbers around town and use them as your table numbers (get more details at Martha Stewart).

Happy numbering!

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