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Maybe there were just as many ideas and wedding blogs and DIY geniuses around seven years ago, but I certainly didn’t know how to find them when I was putting together my not-nearly-as-custom-as-I’d-like-now-that-I’m-looking-back Big Day. Though I’ve missed my opportunity to customize my wedding with these ideas-o’-glory by, oh about a couple thousand days, I can still look on and marvel. And if you’re a bride to be, wow… these ideas are beyond imagination.

This necklace by stylemepretty is gorgeous… do you think that if I made a version of this for real life, it’d be too much?

Paper bouquets (tutorial by my diy wedding day)… aren’t they terrific?

A wedding dress made out of t-shirts (by craftzine)? Comfort and beauty at its best… Again, do you think I could apply this idea to my normal-non-wedding life?

Another wedding dress from t-shirts by threadbanger. One of the commenters on the threadbanger sitw said they made this dress and died it purple… I might just have to add this to my to-make-for-normal life list as well.

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