in your pocket: tried and true food for your perfect palette party

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As with decor, the menu for any party or shower varies widely based on the specific occasion. For a lemons to lemonade party, for example, the lemon theme guided most of our menu decisions.

However, there are many recipes and serving ideas that I come back to for almost all of the events I put together… these have become my go-to staples that I use as a menu foundation. Then, just by throwing in a few really fantastic, suited-just-to-the-event-at-hand dishes, making a menu for a party or shower becomes a piece of cake.

These wonton crisps by martha stewart are super simple, freeze well, and can be made in any shape that you can find a cookie cutter for. Even better, they add that fantastic ‘wow’ factor even if you just make a small batch of them. Perfect!Add stirring sticks (like these by the bridal blog) to your drinks in the colors of your palette to tie things together and wow your guests.

Chocolate dipped (or drizzled) shortbread cookies by the pioneer woman… with or without ice cream, these are heavenly!

Petitfours by vegan yum yum (as a word of caution, these are fairly labor intensive… if your guest of honor will love them, or if they’ll be the star of your candy buffet, forge ahead)

Cakeballs by bakerella– perfect for any (and every) affair!

Magnolia cupcakes (seriously, you can take this recipe to any given event and everyone will LOVE you for it) with cupcake toppers (tutorial by creature comforts)

Check out the menagerie of cake and cookie decorating goodies at layer cake shopCreate a dessert buffet (tips by amy atlas at stylemepretty)

A couple more tips:

If you have your staples in place and are still lacking recipes, search the vast selection at recipezaar. Using recipes with high ratings has never led me astray yet (just click on “sort by rating” above the recipes).

Also, Ree, the pioneer woman is a genius! I haven’t made all of her recipes, but the ones I’ve tried have been glorious. Check out her blog as well as her new venture, the tasty kitchen, with recipes from Ree’s readers.

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