kojotutorial: ruffles and barrettes

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After loving DIY ruffles from afar for months, I finally picked up some kelly green polka dot chiffon as a remnant at JoAnn fabric in order to try out the ruffle-y, petal-y goodness. Since I can’t commit to making one of those lovely ruffled J Crew-ish cardigans anytime soon (someday! but right now it’s just not a possibility timewise), I decided to tacke something smaller (much much smaller)- a ruffle-y barrette for my niece.

You can make one too!

You’ll need:
-a small square of felt (2″x2″)
-an uncovered barrette
-6 squares of chiffon (2.5″ by 2.5″) with the corners rounded
-a needle and thread
1. Cover the barrette in felt. I like using the tutorial by angry chicken.2. Make 3 chiffon ruffles (I used the katie did ruffle tutuorial… while you’re there, admire the ruffle collar dresses-seriously, aren’t they fantastic!?)3. Sew the three ruffles to a felt circle.4. Hot glue the ‘ruffle dot’ to your barrette. Secure ruffle with a couple stitches.5. Send your lovely, ruffle-y barrette to someone who will love it. Or perhaps use the rest of your chiffon to make one of those katiedid-esque ruffle-y dresses to match the barrette.

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  2. I love it! Yours look a little fuller than mine and I like your technique better than what I figured out. I might have to try it ๐Ÿ™‚

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