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Oh how I love garden fresh, well, just about anything really. But I was going to say tomatoes. So when my friend Kimiko (who tells me about at least half of the wonderful things I put on this blog), told me about a caprese salad-ish feature on smitten kitchen, I couldn’t wait to try it out… after picking a bowlful of gardenfresh tomatoes, of course. And then going back out to pick another half of a bowlful because Burke and I already ate half of the tomatoes I picked the first time.

All of this to say- glory. Wonderful, fabulous, gardenfresh glory.

And smitten kitchen’s feature a couple days ago was roasted tomatoes and cipollini using many of the same ingredients. It’s already on the menu plan for next week.

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  1. Yum…I will have to try that recipe. We have a TON of tomatoes but we are starting to get sick of them. You renewed my interest in eating them!

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