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For those of you who enjoy the packaging as much as the product (we would put ourselves in this boat, actually), the ballet-flats-with-accessories in the giveaway now come in a sewn-to-suit shoe bag.

That fabulous shoe bag by betz white was the kind that makes you want to sew a shoe bag- immediately… Ours doesn’t exactly follow the tutorial (we switched the orientation so that there’s a bigger opening), but the completed project is still the perfect cherry on top for the little treats for your feet giveaway. Even better, it solves the dilemma of where to store all of the switchable goodies that accompany these gems.

As a total aside, I love fabric drawstring bags, y’all. I love that they’re beautiful, practical and reusable. I love it that they can be used to package fabulous shoes or to keep things in neat compartments in your suitcase or even to ‘wrap’ another gift. This affection for these little numbers might propel me right into my studio today to whip up a few more of these babies… you just never know when you might need one.

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