fabric flower tutorials

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I’m certain that y’all are way ahead of me in the world of fabric flower creating… Like so many things in the wide world of creative genius, I’ve admired these for months, but only from afar. I haven’t actually pulled out my fabric scraps or button collection or a needle and thread to put one of these little gems together…

However, I suddenly have an uncontrollable urge to whip up a pile of fabric-y, flower-y delight, and have complied a list of fabulous tutorials to help in this pursuit… I’ll let y’all know what I come up with!

ribbon and fabric flowers by m&j trimming

shredded fabric mum tutorial by designer natalie chanin

layered flowers by floral showers

fabric flower by lil blue boo

fabric button by v and co

fabric flowers by heather bailey

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  1. thank you for making such a great list! i've just opened a billion googled tabs searching for tutorials, and this has them all! lol
    thanks again!

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