friday fun finds: yoyo necklaces

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I feel like this week has been an exercise in little fabric gems here at kojo. Today is no exception. Aren’t these yoyo necklaces by birdseye jewelry fantastic? They fit in make-neutrals-into-an-actual-outfit category… paired with a simple black top, your favorite jeans and ballet flats, you’d still look super put together. Or, as a dressy option, you could wear one of these necklaces with an understated black dress. I know it’s a little early to be making Christmas lists, but the “poultry spice” necklace (top) is on mine.

As a fun side note, the designer, Markelle, is from the same home town as us! I love having little stuff in common with fellow etsy-ans. And seriously, isn’t her stuff great? There is a whole plethora of gorgeous jewelry in her shop… go check it out!

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