kojotutorial: embellish a purse with tshirt RUFFLES

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I know that I already mentioned that this lovely month is home to our sister-in-law’s birthday. She is beautiful and wonderful and shares our affections for shoes and accessories. On the docket for her birthday package: a couple packages of greeting cards, a mini-camera (our darling brother is constantly misplacing theirs), some foot candy ballet flats and a purse that’s been ruffled.

To ruffle a purse of your own, you’ll need:
-a canvas-y purse (we got this one at Target) with a big front pocket
-a few goodwill bound tshirts that coordinate with the purse (you’ll only use 1/4 of the tshirt if you do three colors like I did)
-a needle and thread

1. Cut out enough circles to make about 20 ruffles (I used three circle layers for each ruffle- my largest circle was about the size of the bottom of a juice glass). Make all of your ruffles, puckering and stitching in place as you go.

2. Sewing only through the pocket layer, start attaching your ruffles to the purse. I used embroidery thread, so I only attached each ruffle with one stitch.

3. Continue stitching each ruffle on, sewing the ruffles sort of close together so that they’re all bunched up. Alternate ruffle colors as well so that you don’t have patches of any one color.

4. When you’ve attached all of your ruffles to the pocket, you’re finished. Send this fabulous little number to your fantastic sister-in-law.

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  1. amazingly beautiful! I used to sew diaper bags to match the slings I made, and this is inspiring me to get back at it.

  2. That is sooo cute! I never thought about doing this to a purse. Hmm…I have a little canvas clutch that might need an all-over ruffling. Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

  3. I love to have different kind of puse specially for combine it with my clothes. I think every desing is identified with the personality of each woman. I prefer a comfortable and big purses because i usually carry many things even like when i for my boyfriend.

  4. When i got my house by costa rica homes for sale i took all my document in my purse. Thanks God my purse was very big I had no problem. That´s why i prefer to use big bag every time. I really love it, because they are very comfortable.

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