kojotutorial: embroidered felt christmas ornament

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I know there are approximately 67 days still before Christmas (a fact I found on santaclaus.com because I didn’t want to count), and that ornament making might not be on your radar yet. However, if you have any fall weddings to attend, these little gems make a fantastic wedding gift. Pair your handywork with a Christmas journal for a friend who loves traditions, some Christmas decor for a couple just starting to make a home together, or even with Christmas recipes and a few kitchen items off the couples’ registry as a go-to favorite. I made this ornament for some friends, Lindsay & Peter, in their wedding colors, embroidered with their wedding date.

To make an embroidered felt christmas ornament, you’ll need:
-felt (in the couple’s wedding colors if you please)
-embroidery thread

1. Embroider the felt with the wedding date.

2. Cut out two felt hearts (one should have the embroidered wedding date in the center). Glue a piece of ribbon on the inside the ‘v’ of the heart of each piece.

3. Using a blanket stitch (or a sewing machine, if you rather), sew around the edge of the heart. Leave an opening for stuffing.

4. Stuff the ornament with batting.

5. Stitch the opening closed. Admire your work. Give to the lovely couple as a wedding gift. Fabulous!

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  1. Very cute! And with the embroidery, the sky's the limit! I could see it with a swirly monogrammed initial. And easily adaptable for other seasons/holidays as well! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. We seriously think WAY a like! I have been making some felt Christmas ornaments too but not stuffed. I will have to try that!

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