plastic pumpkins

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At Target earlier this week, I noticed that there is an entire row of plastic pumpkins. I’m not a huge fan of plastic pumpkins. Were I to own one, my choices for the 364 days of the year when said plastic pumpkin was not in use for trick-or-treating would be to:
1- store it (a round plastic object? not so compact) or
2- give it to Goodwill (which would happen on November 1, I bet)

Since I’m pretty sure Goodwill doesn’t need any more plastic pumpkins (I’ve been there- they have plenty), and since Burke will need some sort of treat receptacle this year, this leaves me to my own trick-or-treat-candy-storage creating.

The fabulous scrappy owl bags by the long thread that I shared earlier this month are as fantastic as can be… that’s one option.

Then again, Burke loves (LOVES!) pumpkins, so it might be a kind of fun nod to his affection for the squash family if I were to make something pumpkin-y. And I’d love to repurpose something (an old tshirt? a pillowcase?) or at least use materials I already have on hand (which are actually kind of extensive, so that still leaves me with a whole buffet of options).

Any trick or treat bag crafting ideas for me, friends???

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  1. We personally use both the terrible plastic pumpkin (free from cvs last year) & a halloween decorated pillow case. My girls use the smaller pumpkin (or smaller tote bag) for carrying & then we dump into the pillow case as the night goes on.

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