craft from the stash handmade gift guide: felted wool & cashmere

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I have a little secret to tell you… I have been working on Christmas stockings for my family. Just in snippets- a few minutes here and there- but working on them all the same. Another juicy bit? They’re felted wool… well, mostly at least. And so I have little bits of felted wool scattered around my craft room (and my living room, actually). I’m so excited to show y’all the finished products- hopefully they make their debut for Christmas 2009 not Christmas 2010, but we’ll see.

Anyhow, even if you don’t have felted wool scraps everywhere just waiting for use, these projects will make you want to delve into your felted wool (and cashmere if you have any of it around) stash and whip up a few handmade gifts.

I love this felted wool flower brooch by Betz White (wouldn’t they be cute as Juju charms?)

This cashmere scarf by my mama made it (refashioned from a thrift store find) is absolutely lovely! I know I was looking for things to make as gifts, but I want to make one of these for myself… maybe in January when the holiday craziness has subsided…

Did anyone on your Christmas list move this year? Wouldn’t this little wool house applique (tutorial by checkout girl at sewmamasew) be the perfect gift? Especially if you added their house number and made some of the details match (same house color, number of windows, etc.)?

Recycle felted sweaters into gorgeous pomanders (tutorial by betz white).

Aren’t these cashmere plushies and hats by chez beeper bebe fantastic? Conveniently, I think I have an aqua cashmere sweater to refashion!

Happy felted wool and cashmere stash crafting, friends! Stay tuned for a couple more felted wool tutorials…

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