craft from the stash handmade gift guide using FABRIC SCRAPS

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Craft from the Stash Kojodesigns Handmade Holidays DAY 1

Here we go, friends… you ready?

We’re kicking off this little series of handmade holiday gift giving goodness (whew, lots of ‘h’ and ‘g’ words there) with a day full of ways to magically transform your pile of fabric scraps (or drawer full of scraps in my case) into lovely handmade gifts. Because I can’t bear to throw away even relatively small pieces of fabric (they’re just so lovely!), my fabric scrap supply bin is overflowing. After checking out these tutorials, though, it won’t be for long. Hopefully they help you make some handmade holiday goodness as well!

I think every girl on my list (including my niece who just turned one) could use one of these scrappy clutches by lia’s space.

This pillow by cluck cluck sew reminds me of a flower pillow I saw recently at Anthropologie (and you could switch out the leaves for petals to make just such a thing).

I love the idea of customizing this fabric scrap wreath by JCasa Handmade by season… a winter wreath, fall wreath, spring wreath, SUMMER wreath (total aside, I would fill my summer wreath with bright pink fabrics to match my summertime toenails, lemonade yellow fabrics, pool water blue fabrics and grass green fabrics… and maybe a little orange for kicks)… Lovely, right?

This beaded necklace by pretty ditty is gorgeous! I’d love to get one… which means that my sisters, my best friend, my sister-in-law all are at risk of receiving one of these for Christmas.

Oooh, I have all sorts of bookworms in my life. This cloth page corner bookmark (tutorial by kootoyoo) would be just the gift for them.

Burke would love a set of fabric plush alphabet magnets (tutorial also by chez beeper bebe)

Fabric envelopes? Yes please. Check ’em out at design*sponge.

This yoyo-covered pillow (tutorial at design*sponge) could be customized to the decor of anyone on your Christmas list. Or you could make one for yourself! And I’d be lying if I said I weren’t interested in the Yoyo Maker that she mentions. It sounds alarmingly similar to My Favorite Tool- the pom pom maker, and y’all know how that little tool has changed my life. Yoyo pillow crafting or not, I think Yoyo Maker just made it onto my Christmas list.

LOVE these fabric covered hangers (tutorial at design*sponge). I kind of think these fit in the make-for-anyone category… I think the moms-of-littles in my life would love miniature versions of these gems (umm, I’d fill my closet with them were there time).

Happy fabric scrap handmade holiday stash-crafting, friends!

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  1. What great ideas! Now I will be burning even more midnight oil {smile}. Thanks for all the fabulous ideas!


  2. I've been dying to make one of those tree pillows ever since I saw it. I know–just like at Anthro! In fact, I've even been setting aside scraps for it. And imagining how beautiful my life will be once it's made. It's definitely an after-Christmas crafting job, though.

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