kojotutorial: pom pom tree of delight

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Piles of pom poms are delightful in and of themselves. A pom pom tree, then, takes the fuzzy, cozy-ness to the next level of holiday goodness.

As a side note, sometimes when I’m crafting, I think a trip to the dollar store is worth the extra time and, well, dollar. This is one of those cases.  You could craft yourself a cone shape as your pom pom tree base easily enough.  But since your friendly neighborhood dollar store has all sorts of cone-shaped Christmas decor just waiting to be covered in pom poms, I’d go with that.  I did go with that, actually.

Also, I should mention that this tutorial is part of the Kojodesigns Craft from the Stash Handmade Holiday Gift Guide.

To make a pom-pom-y tree of delight, you’ll need:
-one dollar store cone
-yarn (I used less than a skein of yarn to make my pom poms)
-a pom pom maker (I used about 45 medium sized pom poms)

-a needle and thread (the thread should match your pom pom color)

1. Make a whole pile of pom poms (like I said, 45-ish).

2. Stitch two lines of pom poms on opposite sides of your cone-tree.

3. Fill in each triangular gap with the rest of your pom poms (still stitching those babies on with your needle and thread).

4. Incorporate this holiday delight into your decor… mine is currently gracing our table in a hurricane lamp.  Glory.  Or more accurately- delight.

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  1. I love these!! The little paper trees make me happy, too! They'd be so cute at a little kids Christmas party or something.

  2. So cute and a great thrify tutorial–thanks for linking to the party.
    I will click to follow and add you to my subscriptions if you have that feature on your blog.


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