kojotutorial: super simple felted wool wine bag

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Have y’all been into Pottery Barn lately? Currently, nestled in with their fabulous decor and table settings and furniture, they have the most fantastic wine bags. As I was admiring one of these lovelies earlier this week (it was furry… and had pom poms… and was $8.00 unfortunately), my felted sweater collection flashed before my eyes. More specifically, the sleeves of my felted sweater collection flashed before my eyes… these lovely tubes of wool are felt-y and cozy looking and already almost the perfect shape for a wine bag. A few stitches and a pom pom tie and a wine bag could be fairly easily fashioned, no?

And so I set to work…. Maybe it shouldn’t be called work when you sew one line and make a couple slits. But the end result is a perfectly Christmas-y wine bag that rivals our 10-minute drawstring wine bag in simplicity. Enough said.

To make a wine bag from a felted sweater sleeve, you’ll need:
-a sleeve of a felted sweater
-yarn or ribbon (maybe a yard, maybe a little less, depends how much you like big bows)
-sewing machine (optional)
-pom pom maker (not optional- y’all know my opinions on this)

1. Turn the sweater sleeve inside out and stitch the bottom opening (not the cuff, the other end) closed. You could do this by hand pretty easily if you don’t want to bust out your sewing machine.

2. Make little slits near the top of your ‘wine bag.’ Make two slits if you’re using the pom-poms-on-a-string as your drawstring and four slits if you’re using regular ol’ ribbon as your drawstring.

3a. To use yarn-with-pom-poms as a drawstring, make a length of yarn with pom-poms on each end using your pom pom maker. String a little loop through your slits. Circle that loop around the ‘neck’ of your wine bottle.

3b. To use ribbon as a drawstring, push the ribbon through the first slit, around the wine bag, into the fourth slit. Then bring the two ends of ribbon back through slits #2 and 3 and tie in a bow.

4. Fill your cozy felted wool lovely with a yummy bottle of wine! Fabulous. And not $8.00! Even more fabulous.

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  1. I just realized I have a big plastic bin full of sweaters in the garage ready for Goodwill….annnnnd, maaaaybe I absolutely must try this instead. heheh. Thanks for posting!

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