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the pre-turkey table runner

I’m sitting at our now-clean table, looking at our butcher paper table runner. There are stains here and there hinting at the yummy food that was consumed yesterday and scribbles of what people are thankful for here and there as well.

My favorites? Matt (whose wife is nine months pregnant) is thankful for epidurals. Drew is thankful for carnivores. My dad is thankful for The Dogs When They’re Good. And every single one of us wrote something about being thankful for their family & loved ones.

I love this day, y’all… I love having a whole holiday devoted to pausing and being thankful. Our lives are full to the place of overflowing and I love having the chance to remember that and thank the Lord for it.

Oh, and the grand plans for yesterday’s decor went just splendidly. We didn’t make the caramel apple turkeys, but otherwise everything was just as we’d envisioned… Tutorials for the pompom tree and the chalkboard napkin rings to come.

Happy black friday, y’all!

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