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Hopefully your day looks something like ours- it’s snowing outside, all of our shopping and crafting is done and the base of the tree (well, the entire living room, really) is a mess of red and green and snowflakes and ribbons.  There isn’t anything on the to-do list… Actually, I take that back.  I think we may go to a movie this afternoon, and I’m sure there are rounds of dominoes to be played this evening.  But nothing pressing.

I may actually do some just-for-fun crafting.  On December 23rd.  Crazy.  There are a few little tutorials I’ve been wanting to try out, and I’d been hoping to make a garland for our tree this year, but didn’t get to it yet.

If your day is super laid back like mine, here are a few ideas for outfitting your tree (or house) with garland-y goodness:

I ADORE this fabric flower garland by oncewed… ADORE it, y’all

Oooh, isn’t this tulle garland (by boutique cafe) gorgeous?  I don’t have a serger, but I do have an abundance of tulle in my craft room… Hmmm….

Pom pom garland by one pearl button– lovely!

A decoration that can be filled with goodies? What could be better! Check out the tutorial here.
Felt square garland by dollar store crafts

This tutorial by maya*made shows how to craft a delightful, homemade advent calendar using toilet paper rolls and bits of fabric

*photos by respective sites

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