kojotutorial: felt book with repositionable shapes

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My little one has a serious passion for books… in fact, his line up of Christmas gifts includes an ABC Book, A People We Love book, and this little felt book with repositionable felt animals and other shapes.
To make a felt book using your felt stash, you’ll need:
-5 pieces of felt
-scraps of felt
-sewing machine
-2 sets of velcro closures

1.  Stack four pieces of felt.  Using a zigzag stitch, sew all four pieces together.
2. Cut your extra piece of felt into a small pouch to hold your felt shapes as well as an felt tab as a closure.
3. Sew the pouch into the ‘back cover’ of your soon-to-be book.  Also, sew your felt tab closure onto your felt book.  Use your velcro closures as the fastener for your pouch and as the fastener for your tab.
4.  Using your felt scraps, cut out shapes that your little one can reposition on the felt pages.
5. Cut out felt letters for your title.  Wrap up the book for your little one to open on Christmas morning.

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  1. This is such a great idea and has given me another thought: Many scrapbook stores have die cut machines and, if you bring your felt in, yo can cut all kinds of shapes! Quick and Easy!

    thanks for sharing the tutorial. I know a lot of moms are going to be making these for their children.

  2. These are so cute, and would be gret in the "go to church" bag.

    The best part is that the shapes and other pieces can change, as the kids interests change, to grow with the kid.

  3. Such a cute idea for a little one. I'm sure he will love it! Hope you'll stop by my blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. this is a great idea. especially for shaped and colors! love it for my 3 year old. and my 1 year old twins – i don't think would try to eat the felt. ๐Ÿ™‚
    super creative.

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