day 1 (and day 3)- check

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How’s your I Heart New Year’s Challenge going?

Things around here are going great…Clean craft room, check.

Also, paper pile, gone. I know that’s day 3, incidentally.  Just in case you thought I couldn’t follow my own timeline.  Like I said, productive energy gone wild.

The goal making, on the other hand, is just beginning (enhanced greatly by an up to the minute knowledge of the supplies already residing in my craft room).  I’ll share the list with you tomorrow.

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  1. I love your ribbon storage! What kind of jars are those? You're doing fabulous! How I wish we had a real craft room and not half a basement lol

  2. Lol well let's see I did a rest night instead of anything! OOPS! But I'm cleaning the fridge (like wipin it down now and tonight is craft room night clean up 🙂

  3. Mine is going great. Just need to go through a few baskets of stuff. I cannot find one of my cricut cartridges and it is driving me crazy!

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