mountains of mittens

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I (Kirstin) am just not a cold weather girl (I clarify because my sweet sister IS a cold weather person… grouchy days and snow and storms are right up her alley, crazy girl).  Usually I can hold off my feelings of “I-Hate-Winter” until February.  But for some reason, with this year’s overly freezing winter, my longing for Spring and bright green leaves and warm sunshine has already made its appearance.  That’s unfortunate, as we have months before truly warm weather arrives.  In my attempts to psyche myself up for the remaining months of ice, I’ve been trying to think of things I like about winter.

I’ll be honest, it’s a short list:
-I like having time to snuggle up under a blanket and read a good book.
-I like cocoa and chai tea.
-I love to ski.
-I like it that I seem to have extra time to craft while Burke’s napping since I’m not being lured by the garden or the sunshine-y backyard.
-I like mittens and hats.

With that, y’all might be seeing several compilations of linky love based on my ‘things I like about winter’ list.  To start, here is some mitten-y inspiration to keep your paws toasty in the coming weeks.

Turn a felted sweater into little mittens with this tutorial at dabbled

Lovely embellished mittens by lil blue boo 

Just in time for valentines day- here’s a pattern to knit a “smitten” (which I’ve never heard of, but just look at it) at cocoknits.

Another felted sweater-into-mittens (and hat!) how to at simple up

Monster mittens by Martha

Stay warm, friends!

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