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Something that you may or may not know is that one of Jordi’s primary artsy interests is photography.  She’d never tell you this, but she has such an eye for taking pictures.  We’ve been wanting to incorporate her love for photography into the blog for awhile and decided to start a new blog series around it called Our World This Week!

Every Sunday, we’ll share one of Jordi’s pictures from the week (or a few pictures on weeks where we’re feeling especially generous).  I’m so excited for this on many levels… I think it’ll give a little glimpse into our everyday lives (well, mostly hers, but we’re pretty similar- haha!).  And, bonus, you’ll get to see an awesome picture every week (she’ll cringe as she reads this, thinking I’m talking her up too much, but you won’t be disappointed, even with high expectations!).  After seeing her pictures, I’m always challenged to try something new or look through the lens of my camera differently- hopefully you’ll be similarly inspired in your picture taking by her work!

Without further ado- this week’s installment:

drew, up close.

photo tip: try using black and white in high contrast (make exposure high and deepen shadows) for a dramatic effect.

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  1. Great photo and new feature! I will be watching for your tips too. I love taking photos but haven't figured out how to use many of the settings on my camera yet so will be learning from your tips!

    Thanks for sharing

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