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After the “our drop in the bucket” fundraiser last week, this week has been full of making card sets (thanks again for all your support by the way!) and it got me thinking about how to accurately and creatively photograph your crafts. I thought I would share some tips on how to get good pictures of your crafts over the next couple weeks. It kills me when someone has a great tutorial or craft, but didn’t  take good pictures of it, so it doesn’t meet it’s potential in showing the blogging world how wonderful it is.

That being said, here is my tip for the day:

Turn off your flash and use natural light! 

This is a great tip in all photography but especially important in craft photography because the colors and details are what make a craft unique! Sometimes it may seem like a pain to wait until morning (if you are like me and craft while the kids are asleep) or haul all of your craft stuff outside (or into a room with a lot of natural light) but it really is worth the end result!

Here’s a good example

I took these inside late at night because I needed the pics. They aren’t bad, but notice how they have an orange tint, also the contrast is really crude. So I decided to take them again the next morning in my back yard.

Here is the second round:

 Now don’t those colors look better? And SO much more true to the colors I was using.

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  1. thanks so much for the tip and showing the two sets of pictures. It really does make the biggest difference. Do you take the pictures on a black poster board?

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