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Since we’ve had several weeks since our last Friday Fun Find, we’ve had the time to stumble upon all sorts of glorious little gems that we haven’t shared with y’all.  I seriously considered writing about Maybeline’s LashStiletto mascara (it’s affordable and works wonders… thanks to my lovely sister-in-law Tricia for the tip!), but have found too many amazing etsy artisans lately to spend a whole Friday Fun Find blabbing about a fabulous way to extend your eyelashes (seriously, though, it’s six bucks well spent).

So instead, I wanted to show y’all the acrylic jewelry line by sandra fettingis.  LOVE that little laser head silouette, love the techno ring, love the square bracelet… yep, love. her. stuff!  Head on over to sandra’s website or her etsy shop to find more things to love.

And onto the friday fun find link party!

It’s time for you to share YOUR Friday Fun Find- a little gem you found on etsy, a tutorial you think everyone should see, a recipe you discovered that is a winner, a before and after- whatever you’re loving this week!

A few guidelines:
1. Include a short description of what you’re linking to (as well as the name of your blog if you want).  That way people can go see the fun finds that interest them most.
2. Link to your specific post, and not to the main page of your blog.
3. Please, no features of your own etsy shop or online store… we’ll have special fridays set aside for this! In fact, no links to anyone’s etsy shop or online store, ok?  Do a little write up on your blog so we know why you’re loving it and link to that instead.
4. Grab our party button or link back to this party from you blog so everyone can get in on the fun!


5. If your link is deleted, don’t stress, just re-read these rules and join in again!
We can’t wait to see what you’ve found!

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  1. OMG! What a fun surprise when I just clicked on the "cutest little booster seat" link and it took me to my blog! That just made my day that someone put my booster seat as their Friday Fun Finds! Thank so much whoever did it, I'm so glad you like it:)

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