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Our Drop in the Bucket fundraiser for relief efforts in Haiti starts in just a few hours (midnight mountain time) and runs for the next 24 hours.  100% of our earnings from our stationary and valentine sales during that 24 hours will be donated to relief efforts in Haiti, so go wild, y’all.
Be sure to also check out lani’s etsy shop for soldered pendants, nightlights, and art, as well as fabulous valentines banners!
Suzannah is also donating the proceeds from her vintage items tomorrow as well… love those vintage linens!

And Tara is donating 50% of her sales all the way through February 14th to Compassion’s relief efforts in Haiti.  Go stop by and grab up a sweet hairbow and canvas or two.

Thanks for all of your support in this effort, friends!  Your blog posts and facebook updates and tweets sending people our way (and your emails as well) are such a tangible way to support our fundraiser, and more importantly, to help out the people of Haiti.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  See you at the kojo shop tomorrow!

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