valentine ideas for my hottie hubs (maybe you can use ’em too!)

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I know that lots of people think Valentines Day was created by Hallmark and chocolate companies to generate revenue and thus boycott it.

But I love it!  I love having little days throughout the year where I’m reminded to tell the people I love that they mean a lot to me.  And I especially love the chance to tell my sweet husband that I am still so in love with him.  I could use a reminder like Valentine’s Day monthly. 

I’ve been trying to think of something small and thoughtful to make and put in Adam’s lovey bundle… here are some of the things that I came across on the wide and wonderful internet:

Adam doesn’t have an iPhone, but he does have an iTouch (same dimensions)… this little cover (tutorial by vlitjig) might be just the ticket

These altoid tins turned mini toolboxes (by alphamom) would be perfect for my oft-power-tool-wielding husband

Adam’s laptop would be so comfy with a mod laptop cover (tutorial by oh fransson! at sew mama sew)

I love this book cover (made from an old tshirt by newnew)

And just for kicks, I think it’d be fun (and funny) to bake these wii controller cookies (by not so humble pie) for my Rockband loving husband.

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  1. Those are some great ideas..Thanks..I especially like the altoid tin toolboxes. Those would be good for little boys, too.

  2. so fun! I want to make the laptop cover for Chase! I am going to see if my limited sewing skills can do it! oh I also, bought felt today to make the v-day bags! I loved those too;0)

  3. What a cool blog you girls have. I'm wondering how I've never seen it before. 🙂 Adding you to my blog list and I just became a follower. 🙂

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