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A few of the things we’re working on in our ‘normal’ life (which, as y’all know, is condensed to one not-so-normal life this week while Burke and I are visiting Jordi and the girls in Lubbock… glory, I tell you!)…

1. Magnolia cupcakes plus Jordi’s signature buttercream frosting equals beautiful deliciousness to take to friends last Wednesday night.

2. New felt shapes for Burke’s repositionable felt book (he’s learning shapes and colors- hence the plethora of squares, triangles, etc. and the green hippo, blue gorilla and pink giraffe). His favorites of this batch?  Elmo and the walrus.  Oh, and the new octopus (the one I made originally is down to three legs and five stubs… poor thing).  The felt book was quite the distraction on our flights here… and the novelty of the new felt shapes didn’t hurt either. 🙂

3. Graphics, lots of new photoshop graphics… This one with leaves and a modern monogram is one of my favorites that Jordi’s whipped up recently. Remind me next week and I’ll show you the apples she’s been working on!

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  1. Lubbock? As in Lubbock TX? That's where I'm located, hope you enjoy your stay, and I LOVE reading your blog….I visit daily 🙂

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