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Ever since we put snaps on shoes, I can’t help but see them in a new light (the snaps, not the shoes, though the shoes are pretty great as well). So many possibilities…

As part of the Fabulous Plaid Ensemble, I planned on making coordinating plaid barrettes for my nieces.  However, as I sat down to attach the little plaid puffs to the barrettes, a pack of snaps caught my eye.  Unadorned barrettes… plus snaps… Why did I not think of this sooner???  Instead of making plaid barrettes for the girls, I made them barrettes with a snap.  And then I sewed the other half of the snap to the plaid ‘flower’ that I was originally going to attach to the barrette. 

Now that Keadryn and Sayla have barrettes with snaps (I made them some extras just in case… little things have a way of getting lost in our house, I’m sure the same is true for their house), each time I want to make them a barrette to coordinate with their outfit, I can just make a little adornament and attach a snap to it.  And Jordi, being the creative genius that she is, can accessorize the outfits that she already has for the girls just by making little barrette charms.  Fabulous, right?

What else can I attach snaps to, y’all?

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  1. Headbands!! Scarves!! Shirts!!!
    Oh my… too fun! I suppose the Lord knew what He was doing when I had all boys and not one girl to dress… 😉

  2. love this! how cute! I want some for my hair! haha i like the headband idea as well. What about on something to attach to a black purse to dress it up a bit and to match an outfit?

  3. You're genius! I love it!
    Got my cards in the mail and I LOVE THEM! Thank you so much!
    And I sold a few things and was able to donate about $50 to the Haiti relief work. Thanks for help on that!
    God bless ya'll!

  4. OOOoooo! I love this idea. i've wanted to make hair clips with removable "jackets" but i like this idea so much better! i'm totally going to try it.

    thanks for sharing!

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