making valentines a family affair (with a 20 month old)


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Our mom isn’t crafty (which is funny considering that all of us Love. Making. Things).  However, growing up, she did have a big box of glitter and doilies and red and pink construction paper that we’d get out every February to make homemade valentine masterpieces for my grandparents and other special folks.  I loved this tradition as a kid and can’t wait to make homemade valentines with Burke!

Since Burke is only 20 months old, though, the time has not yet come for a Crafty Box O’ Valentines Love (maybe next year?).  Instead, this year, I ordered some photo valentines featuring him in all his darling cuteness (and wearing a hat… who doesn’t love it when kids wear hats?), got out a rainbow of crayons, and let Burke go to town on the envelopes.  It’s a start, right?  For those of you with teeny ones, I’d highly recommend this method… Our family will receive valentines with Burke-decorated envelopes, I had a chance to write little notes to remind them how much we love them, and Burke and I got to create something together.  As Michael Scott would say, “Win-Win-Win!”

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  1. Creating things with my family is one of my favorite childhood memories. I love that you've decided to involve your little one in the process, too! And, incidentally, he has a great name.

    Sweetfern Handmade

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